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“you’re a perfect pessimist.”

There is a world inside of me.: How sad that after the band decided to move on without me, they got...


How sad that after the band decided to move on without me, they got dropped by the label. It’s a shame it didn’t work out after all the hard work everybody put into this band.

Thank you Hollywood Records for everything you’ve done for us! My personal experience working with you guys has been…


“we were born for this.”

There is a world inside of me.: When I started Cherri Bomb five years ago, I envisioned something...


When I started Cherri Bomb five years ago, I envisioned something beautiful for this band. It’s unfortunate that I’m no longer part of it. Sadly, what has happened wasn’t my decision. I never imagined it ending up this way.

We had a great time, I’m proud of everything we accomplished: We got…

Julia Pierce Leaves Cherri Bomb


The girls have officially released a statement via their facebook page comfirming Julia has left the band. The girls stated that the details of her departure are strictly between themselves, and added: please respect both her and Cherri Bomb with this difficult development and we hope you will be supportive and understanding to all of us.” 

The remaining members, Nia, Miranda and Rena have said that they will be playing with some temporary guest guitar players, some girls and some boys until [they] find the right fit for Cherri Bomb.”

Good luck to Julia, I wish her the best for whatever path she chooses from this moment on, and I wish good luck to Nia, Miranda and Rena for the band, and for whatever may come their way. 

XO Amourette

Fuck Yeah Cherri Bomb: From the Cherri Bomb Facebooke page:


Sometimes, things don’t end up the way we planned or hoped for. We are sorry to inform our fans and friends that Cherri Bomb has parted ways with Julia. Although this decision was extremely difficult, it gives us all the chance to seek out our individual creative paths.

We are thankful for…


We want to send our love and a huge thank you to everyone for all of the support and positive comments. 

We know a lot of you are struggling with the change but we as a band need to put our heads together and look to a brighter future.

So here we go… On February 16th, 2013, come support a great cause.

We will be playing with some great bands for the Youth Alliance Music Festival sponsored by Music Saves Lives, Revolver Magazine and KCAL 96.7

Nia just turned sixteen and can officially give blood. This will be her first time EVER. It should be a disaster because she’s deathly afraid of needles! But they told her that every time someone gives blood, they can save up to three lives, so she’s rolling up her sleeve (and you know Nia likes blood anyway). 

After the days events, we will be hosting the rock show at night and also playing a few songs with some guests coming down to jam with us!

Here are the details… bring yourself, bring your friends, and share in this incredible experience with all of us. We’re looking forward to a spectacular new beginning! 

xo ~miranda and Rena ” (x)


@mirandadianemiller may not look it, but she’s actually happy to be at namm.